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ATL responds to Negril water woes


Assistant Deputy Chairman of ATL Ian Neita (right) explains to Mayor of Savanna-la Mar, Bertel Moore (left) and Principal of the Risen Messiah Institute, Karen Enis how the DAB pump system and 400 gallon storage tank will aid residents in Westmoreland affected by the water shortage. The system will be installed at the Risen Messiah Institute in Good Hope, Westmoreland.

Responding to the public outcry in Westmoreland of water woes, Appliance Traders Limited’s (ATL) Assistant Deputy Chairman Ian Neita has replied in tow, pledging ATL’s support to remedy the parish’s acute water shortage. “In light of the severe drought affecting residential and commercial areas in Westmoreland, ATL will be donating a water pump and storage system to assist those affected by low water pressure” Mr. Neita said.

ATL’s initiative has garnered support from Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Bertel Moore who immediately rallied his team to scout a location for the system, “The Mayor was right on point with us and immediately identified a central area in Westmoreland he felt would best serve the affected communities” Neita added.

In the week ahead, ATL will be installing an Italian DAB pump system, a 20 gallon pressure tank as well as a 400 gallon storage water tank at the Risen Messiah Early Childhood Institution in Good Hope, Westmoreland. “With this system, we’re hoping to ease the burden of some the affected persons and call on the NWC to maintain this resource until the piped water system is restored” said Neita.

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PRIZM by ATL – Some Things Need Not Be a Luxury!


ATL relaunches it’s Prizm Brand

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Engineered especially for Jamaica, Prizm is trusted to homes and business across the island. With Prizm by ATL you get all the advanced technology and latest features you can expect for your appliance. Prizm products have been meticulously researched to ensure the highest standards of quality are guaranteed before the ATL seal of approval is given. ATL is commited to providing quality service for all the products it carries especially for products under the it’s own brand, Prizm.

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For nearly 46 years, the ATL brand has helped bring the best brands and products to households and businesses all across Jamaica. With the Prizm brand it is no different – ATL has succeeded in creating a product line that’s only affordable but can be put to the test against other world-leading brands based on the level of quality. From Inverter Air Conditioners, Standard Air Conditiners, Diesel Water Pumps, Generators, Industrial Fans, Mini Refrigerators and much more. Why Buy Prizm? – Because you deserve! So Go Prizm today!