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ATL Appliance Tip: Don’t Overload Your Dishwasher

Heavy loads & off-balanced loads will put a strain on the moving parts of your dishwasher & wear them out. Also items may still be dirty after a load of dishes as some dishes may be buried too far to receive proper cleaning.

ATL Appliance Tip: Two Golden Rules of Washing

The 1st golden rule of laundering clothes is to check the care labels. Even though a fabric may be similar they can have different care instructions based on a different fabric blends.

The 2nd golden rule is to sort laundry properly – separate items by cycle, water temperature and colour. Items that shed lint frequently such as towels should be kept away from other that attract lint such as corduroy or knit clothing.

Samsung is ATL Eco-Smart!

Whether it’s cooling, heating, lighting, washing, cooking or entertaining, ATL has Eco-Smart appliances for your home or business.

Look for the Eco-Smart Seal and put money back in your pocket.

Deal of the Week| Samsung 13kg Washer

#DOTW Samsung 13kg Washer now only $34,999 offer ends September 29, 2012

  • Extra Large Capacity
  • Diamond Drum (reduces wear and tear on fabrics)
  • Energy Saving Eco-Course

ATL Appliance Tip: Use a Nylon Mesh Bag for Small Articles in Your Washing Machine

Using a small nylon mesh laundry bag for small articles, such as childrens socks, etc can prevent such items from entering your wash pump and causing damage.Β  Always carefully check pockets and remove all items before washing such as keys, hair pins, safety pins, coins etc.


via Fred Appliance

ATL Appliance Tip: Extra Detergent doesn’t mean Extra Clean


Extra detergent doesn’t mean your clothes will be extra-clean. Instead, suds end up carrying odors, dirt, Β and bacteria higher than where the water levels inside the washer tub can reach and potentially leave a smelly residue that can transfer to your clothes in the wash. The detergent can also build up in clothes, giving them a long term dingy look, so follow the instructed fill lines on the cap or scoop carefully.

ATL APPLIANCE TIP: Leave Your Washer Door Open


Leave your Washer door open after each load to allow moisture to evaporate and discourage mildew or bacteria.