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ATL V6 Summer Dream Promotion

ATL launches the remarkable V6 Summer Dream promotion Sspend as little as $5000 (including GCT) at ATL between July 8 – September 30, 2012 and you can enter for a chance to win one of following Unbeatable prizes:

1st Place – 2012 Honda Accord V6
2nd Place – 42” Panasonic LED TV
3rd Place – 9000 BTU Prizm AC

A total of 6 lucky winners will be selected.

The NEW Prizm by ATL Commercial

Prizm is an ATL owned brand of Inverter Air Conditioners, Standard Air Conditioners, Diesel Water Pumps, Generators, Industrial Fans, Mini Refrigerators and Much More. .With Prizm by ATL you get all the advanced technology and latest features yuo expect for your appliance. You also get the ATL Guarantee of unbeatable service, extensive warranties and expert technicians to keep you cool. Why Buy Prizm? Because you deserve it!

Behind the Scenes of ATL’s New Generator Commercial


Catch these ‘behind the scenes’ pics of ATL’s upcoming Generator commercial. Shot at Tinson Pen and coming to a TV near you!

Behind the Scenes of the New Prizm Commercial

Behind the Scenes - Prizm TV Commercial

Appliance Traders Limited shot a commercial for their Prizm line this week in Kingston and Montego Bay. A proud manufacturer of Air Conditioning Units and Generators, the Prizm line is exclusively distributed by ATL Jamaica. See highlights from the commercial shoot here:

ATL Unbeatable (Full Length Video)


Legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali once said “If I’d been a dustman I’d have been the best dustman there is.” At the ATL Group, we follow a similar mantra. It’s about being the best you can be and that’s exactly what we do.

‘ATL Group Unbeatable’ is no catchy advertising slogan designed to sell products. It’s a way of life that we live and breathe by every day. Whether it’s the people we employ, the products we sell or the service that we provide, we strive to be unbeatable in every aspect of our organization. It’s our pledge. This video gives all a deeper look at our company, our brands, and what we stand for and strive to offer to our customers.