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ATL Netballers at BHNA Dress Parade 2012


The Red and Blue babes of ATL Group’s Unbeatable Netball team showcase their vibrant costumes at the Business House Netball Association dress parade held at the National Stadium on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Matches begin officially on Friday, June 8.

ATL hosts UEFA Championship Viewing Party!


The ATL Sports Club hosted its own viewing party for the exciting UEFA Championship football showdown between Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC. Clear lines were drawn down in the sand for both teams and saw Bayern Munich dominating the first 83 minutes of the game reigning with a 1-0 lead courtesy of Thomas Muller. The English boys in blue, determined to stay afloat, soon equalized with an amazing hat trick from Didier Drogba at the 87th minute. After 30 minutes of overtime and both teams still tied, an intense penalty shoot out saw Chelsea FC emerge as champions. Congratulations Chelsea!

ATL Unbeatable Netball team train with Sunshine Girls


Getting a jumpstart on their upcoming season, Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) netballers took to the court to run drills with Head Coach of Jamaica’s Sunshine Girls, Oberon Pitterson and ace national player Kasey Evering.

In true ‘Sunshine Girl’ style, Pitterson and Evering conducted an intense and exclusive session with the combined senior and junior ATL squad as the team begins preparation for the impending Business House Netball Association (BHNA) in May.

Head of the ATL’s Netball Team Rosemarie Jadusingh said her squad is intent reclaiming the BHNA title after taking top honours in 2009 and placing third in 2011, “We intend to be a dominant force in the inter-company league this season so we’ve begun our preparations earlier. What better way to whip our girls into the competitive and winner mindset than to train with the Sunshine Girls!”