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ATL bats for St Ann Regional Hospital

The St Ann’s Bay Hospital welcomed a new Electrocardiogram (ECG) printer for its Department of Internal Medicine courtesy of Appliance Traders Limited (ATL).

Senior Medical Officer at the hospital, Dr. Nicole Dawkins commended the timeliness of the donation citing that the hospital was in dire need of a device to produce its ECG results, “The ECG machine is a critical piece of diagnostic equipment that is used to identify abnormal rhythms of the heart. It is vital in our efforts to assess patients and provide acute medical care. We were experiencing real challenges to print patient reports and we are truly thankful that ATL offered their help”.

Branch Manager for ATL Ocho Rios Mrs. Danila Haddon commented that they were happy to render assistance to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital, “A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm – we were happy to help out the hospital and we know the machine will be instrumental in maximizing their operations.”

The St Ann’s Bay Hospital has undergone several impressive upgrades this year in its bid to move from a Type B to a Type A facility. “We just concluded a very successful health fair for the Steer Town community as well as completed several hours of hands-on training of nurses and doctors in laparoscopic surgery. This procedure will help our patients recover faster as it includes making smaller surgical incisions” said Dawkins.