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#ATLAPPLIANCETIP – How maintain the look of your stainless steel appliances?

Stainless steel is the top choice for most modern homes.  However, maintaining the sleek look of your appliances day to day can be a hassle.  But for a quick and simple streak-free shine – try Windex.

Steps to Clean:

  • Spray Windex onto the stainless steel surface, covering the steel with a light mist.

  • Wipe the Windex off with a handful of paper towels. Wipe in large circular motions.

  • Dampen a cleaning cloth with water and wipe over the stainless steel to remove the Windex residue, this time wiping with the steel grain.

  • Dry the steel with a dry, lint-free cleaning cloth, again following the steel grain while wiping.


ATL APPLIANCE TIP: Safe & Not So Safe Food Containers for your Microwave



Food Containers that are safe for Microwaves:

Glass, Ceramic Dishes, Paper Plates, Towels, Napkins, Wax & Parchment Paper.

Here are some that are NOT safe for Microwave use:

Aluminum Foil, Brown Paper Bags, Foam-insulated cups/bowls/plates/trays