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#ATLAPPLIANCETIP – How maintain the look of your stainless steel appliances?

Stainless steel is the top choice for most modern homes. Β However, maintaining the sleek look of your appliances day to day can be a hassle. Β But for a quick and simple streak-free shine – try Windex.

Steps to Clean:

  • Spray Windex onto the stainless steel surface, covering the steel with a light mist.

  • Wipe the Windex off with a handful of paper towels. Wipe in large circular motions.

  • Dampen a cleaning cloth with water and wipe over the stainless steel to remove the Windex residue, this time wiping with the steel grain.

  • Dry the steel with a dry, lint-free cleaning cloth, again following the steel grain while wiping.


ATL APPLIANCE TIP: Safe & Not So Safe Food Containers for your Microwave



Food Containers that are safe for Microwaves:

Glass, Ceramic Dishes, Paper Plates, Towels, Napkins, Wax & Parchment Paper.

Here are some that are NOT safe for Microwave use:

Aluminum Foil, Brown Paper Bags, Foam-insulated cups/bowls/plates/trays