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ATL Appliance Tip: Two Golden Rules of Washing

The 1st golden rule of laundering clothes is to check the care labels. Even though a fabric may be similar they can have different care instructions based on a different fabric blends.

The 2nd golden rule is to sort laundry properly – separate items by cycle, water temperature and colour. Items that shed lint frequently such as towels should be kept away from other that attract lint such as corduroy or knit clothing.

ATL Appliance Tip: Never Make an Impulse Buy

Avoid making an impulse buy when shopping for an appliance.  Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Make a list of your priority features (i.e. energy efficiency, style, warranty etc).
  2. Measure the area that will house your appliance.  Record the width, height and depth and be sure to have this when you go in store.
  3. Call ahead and speak with a sales representative and let them know what you are looking for so they can find a good number of options before your go in store.
  4. Ensure that you have the right electrical connection at home for the appliance you select (i.e. 220V or 110V).
  5. Shop with a family member or friend to help you with your decision.

ATL launches eco-smart seal

Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) announced this week the launch of its Eco-Smart certification, a programme designed to earmark energy-efficient electronics in its product line-up.

Much like the international trademark standard Energy-Star, the ATL Eco-Smart seal will be affixed to electronics and appliances that are proven to meet international standards in energy efficiency. “With energy costs on the rise many home-owners and businesses are going ‘green’ and are looking for eco-conscious appliances to reduce their energy bills as well as their environmental impact. With our new Eco-Smart seal our customers are assured that the product can save them as much as 60 percent of their energy costs without sacrificingperformance, features and comfort” said Paul Grey head of ATL’s Engineering and Energy Department.

ATL has had a long history in delivering engineered solutions working with leading technology companies. Last year ATL leveraged its 32 year partnership with Panasonic to design and install an eco-village at Sandals Montego Bay. This project, which is the first of its kind in Jamaica, boasts an entirely self-sufficient solar power system to operate all its cooling, heating, lighting and entertainment systems.  The project was established as a pilot to demonstrate the savings to be accrued from the implementation of alternate energy sources.

The Eco-Smart Certification is the first of many initiatives that ATL will spearhead through its energy portfolio. “Eco-electronics has become a big part of our business and we are dedicated to delivering to our clients solutions that will impact their bottom line,” said Grey.

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ATL V6 Summer Dream| 1st Drawing Winners

Congrats to our V6 Summer Dream 1st Drawing Winners of Unbeatable #Honda #Panasonic #Prizm prizes!

ATL Appliance Tip: Use a Nylon Mesh Bag for Small Articles in Your Washing Machine

Using a small nylon mesh laundry bag for small articles, such as childrens socks, etc can prevent such items from entering your wash pump and causing damage.  Always carefully check pockets and remove all items before washing such as keys, hair pins, safety pins, coins etc.


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ATL Appliance Tip: Read the Manual for Your Appliance

The truth is that a manual can save you a lot of grief. Read it thoroughly so that you know where all the components of your appliance are at, and any specific maintenance instructions. A warranty on an item can be voided if it is used or cared for improperly. Take a minute and read the manual. Then file it away somewhere in case it is needed.