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PRIZM by ATL – Some Things Need Not Be a Luxury!


ATL relaunches it’s Prizm Brand

Trusted in Homes & Business Across Jamaica
Engineered especially for Jamaica, Prizm is trusted to homes and business across the island. With Prizm by ATL you get all the advanced technology and latest features you can expect for your appliance. Prizm products have been meticulously researched to ensure the highest standards of quality are guaranteed before the ATL seal of approval is given. ATL is commited to providing quality service for all the products it carries especially for products under the it’s own brand, Prizm.

Experienced Service Professionals

You also get the ATL Guarantee of Unbeatable service, extensive warranties and expert technicians to keep you in the cool. From the purchase to the installation we have an experienced team of professionals here to serve you. We ensure our clients enjoy the full benefit of their purchases through proper installation, regular preventative maintenance as well as accurate and timely repair operations. We build Prizm so our technicians know the products inside and out.

ATL Owned Brand – A Company Synonymous with Quality

For nearly 46 years, the ATL brand has helped bring the best brands and products to households and businesses all across Jamaica. With the Prizm brand it is no different – ATL has succeeded in creating a product line that’s only affordable but can be put to the test against other world-leading brands based on the level of quality. From Inverter Air Conditioners, Standard Air Conditiners, Diesel Water Pumps, Generators, Industrial Fans, Mini Refrigerators and much more. Why Buy Prizm? – Because you deserve! So Go Prizm today!

Carlos Malcolm – Evolutionary Electronics Man


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives….it is the one that is most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin, English Scientist and Author of the theory of evolution

Boasting an undeniable affinity for circuits and switches, Carlos Malcolm stands uncontested as one of the island’s most impressive authorities on electronic engineering.

Stationed at Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) for almost a decade, his lifelong affair with electronic technology has produced immeasurable detail and experience that is unlikely to be scripted in any workbook or manual.

The highest rated Panasonic certified technician in Jamaica, Malcolm has lead the charge across various electronics projects and currently serves as the Technical Supervisor in the Service Department as well as the Head of the Electronic Workshop at ATL, “At Appliance Traders we sell everything from audio visual equipment to air conditioning units to generators – – once the item has a circuit board, I know how to fix it!”

Not content to simply tinker with electronic boards, Malcolm has steadily adapted and evolved throughout his career constantly expanding his knowledge bank. “While I joined the team proficient on the business of electronics, ATL has fostered a lot of training and development. I’ve completed workshops with some of our key brand partners like Panasonic (Jamaica and Latin America), Samsung as well with Cummins Onan.”

Not resting on his laurels and accomplishments, Carlos continues to push boundaries noting major interest in not only electronic repair but also in energy-efficient electronic technology design, “Currently I’m working on several projects during my leisure time including a pedal generator that I’ve built from scratch. It utilizes waste fuel/biodiesel which is low in carbon emission and is a clean burning alternative to generate electricity…”Additionally he notes, he is also designing a steam engine that utilizes renewable energy material, for example coal, wood and waste oil as well as making a plastic tank bio-digester which takes in waste from chicken and pig manure and converts it to methane – an important gas used in the generation of electric power.

A true master technician, his success, he quips is solely boosted on his drive to constantly evolve and adapt with changing technology as well as his genuine love for his field, “Technology is constantly changing. You learn as you go along and the learning curve increases daily and once you are constantly learning and you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.