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ATL Netballers at BHNA Dress Parade 2012


The Red and Blue babes of ATL Group’s Unbeatable Netball team showcase their vibrant costumes at the Business House Netball Association dress parade held at the National Stadium on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Matches begin officially on Friday, June 8.


Springing into action with nimble moves and high energy, the ATL Unbeatable dancers brought the busy intersection of Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay to a complete halt as the troupe made a surprise visit to the second city.

Bringing new meaning to ‘Dancing In the Streets’, the ATL Unbeatable troupe left the ‘Montegonians’ in awe and amazement, “They appeared out of nowhere….one by one and started to dance! You only see things like this in movies and it was really exciting that something like this was happening in Montego Bay….” said one witness.

With over 10,000 hits of their inaugural performance in Half Way Tree, Kingston exploding on the viral scene, the ATL flash mob, an integral element in the ATL UNBEATABLE lifestyle campaign, has been hailed by viewers far and wide as an energetic and refreshing concept.

Launched this January by Deputy Chairman Adam Stewart, the ATL UNBEATABLE Campaign celebrates the 45 year old group of companies and its commitment to provide Jamaica with the best brands, best service, best people and the best expertise.

ATL Unbeatable (Full Length Video)


Legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali once said “If I’d been a dustman I’d have been the best dustman there is.” At the ATL Group, we follow a similar mantra. It’s about being the best you can be and that’s exactly what we do.

‘ATL Group Unbeatable’ is no catchy advertising slogan designed to sell products. It’s a way of life that we live and breathe by every day. Whether it’s the people we employ, the products we sell or the service that we provide, we strive to be unbeatable in every aspect of our organization. It’s our pledge. This video gives all a deeper look at our company, our brands, and what we stand for and strive to offer to our customers.