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ATL Hurricane Tip: Here are some of the most critical supplies when a hurricane threatens

Here are some of the most critical supplies to have on hand when a hurricane threatens:

At least a 3-day and preferably a 7-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day)
Non-perishable food
Formula, diapers, and other baby supplies

Manual can opener

First aid kit
Prescription and non-prescription medicines
Cell phones and battery-powered cell phone chargers
Battery-powered radios and flashlights
Candles & Matches
Fuel ( for Your Generator, if you have one)
Battery Operated Radio
Plenty of batteries
Extra cash

ATL Appliance Tip: Use a toaster oven for small meals rather than your large stove

Use a toaster oven for small meals rather than your large stove or oven. A toaster uses one-third to one-half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

ATL Appliance Tip: Make sure your refrigerator is airtight

Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight. Test them by closing the door over a piece of paper so it is half in and half out of the refrigerator. If you can pull the paper or bill out easily, the latch may need adjustment, the seal may need replacing, or you may consider buying a new unit.

ATL Appliance Tip| Bake Two Dishes at the Same Time

If you’re making two dishes that both require oven cooking at about the same temperature, put them in together to take full advantage of the energy used to heat the unit.

ATL Appliance Tip: Don’t Overload Your Dishwasher

Heavy loads & off-balanced loads will put a strain on the moving parts of your dishwasher & wear them out. Also items may still be dirty after a load of dishes as some dishes may be buried too far to receive proper cleaning.

ATL Appliance Tip| Measure Where Your Appliance Will Go Through

Measure not only the space the appliance will be fitted but also the area the appliance will be go through. Measure the door, passage or hallway any area the appliance may need to be maneuvered. Β You may run into an issue by not considering this.

ATL Appliance Tip: Two Golden Rules of Washing

The 1st golden rule of laundering clothes is to check the care labels. Even though a fabric may be similar they can have different care instructions based on a different fabric blends.

The 2nd golden rule is to sort laundry properly – separate items by cycle, water temperature and colour. Items that shed lint frequently such as towels should be kept away from other that attract lint such as corduroy or knit clothing.