Small Hotels Benefit from ATL Financing

commercial laundry equipment is available through financing from atl 2

Hotels and properties looking to secure commercial equipment for start-ups and expansions are set to benefit from Appliance Traders Limited’s (ATL) new financing programme for small and medium Enterprises (SME’s) – ATL Unbeatable Credit.

ATL Unbeatable Credit strikes a convenient option for proprietors looking to boost their business without breaking the bank stated Managing Director of ATL, Danville Walker, “We offer competitive interest rates for businesses to acquire commercial equipment and what’s better is that we also offer warranty and service”.

One hotelier, Michael Grandison of Merrils Beach Resort in Negril, who recently entered a J$6.7 million contract with ATL expressed that the company’s financing option is smart solution for modern businesses, “In the hotel industry we’re always upgrading and it is rather cumbersome to obtain business loans from banks for commercial purposes as opposed to domestic items. It’s much more convenient to get financing from the company that not only sells the equipment but also knows how to service them”.

Grandison who will be augmenting all three Merril properties with commercial generators from ATL also commented that the company’s stake in energy-efficient products made it an easy buy, “Energy efficiency is important in the hotel business because electricity is such a costly utility especially ahead of the upcoming winter season when we anticipate maximum occupancy. The ATL team assessed my consumption patterns and recommended the best products for me. I’ll definitely be exploring additional energy-efficiency products such as PV panels and solar water heaters.”

Reporting an uptake of J$100 million on new loan portfolios since launching six months ago, Walker stated that the public response on both domestic and business accounts showed a steady surge, “We’ve noted marked increase in our financing portfolio particularly within the business sector and tourism industry as hoteliers move to procure commercial laundry equipment, air conditioning units, industrial kitchen equipment, generators as well as energy solutions especially ahead of the upcoming busy season”.

ATL’s Unbeatable Credit programme offers payment terms from three to thirty-six months with available options for payment moratoriums. The company carries a number of products in the commercial, industrial and energy-lines that are suitable for SME’s including generators, solar panel systems among others.

commercial laundry equipment is available through financing from atl

One response to “Small Hotels Benefit from ATL Financing”

  1. Omar Taylor says :

    ATL you guys are the best car company in the world. I always admire your products and how hard you guys have to work to keep your company running productively and successfully. Even still am an 18year old student I would love to own an successfully business one day and run it very well just like how you guys are doing and I know I can because very day you guys jus keep on motivate me a lot to do well in school in order to become successfully. ATL continue to keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in your business for 2014.

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