Archive | March 2012

ATL Tech Centre rebrands!

ImageEnergized by the recently launched ‘ATL Unbeatable’ campaign, 44- year-old electronics magnate Appliance Traders Limited has announced the rebranding of its service and merchandise department to ATL Parts Plus.

Formerly referred to as the ATL Tech Centre, the 10,000 square foot facility located at 5 Collins Green Avenue in Kingston is Jamaica’s largest supplies and spare parts depot with over 35,000 product categories. “ATL Parts Plus’ extensive range of product categories functions as a crucial auxiliary arm to our operation, stocking spare parts for every appliance and product we carry throughout our four island-wide showrooms.” said ATL Parts Plus Manager Rodney Sims.

Supplying parts for premium brands from international electronics brand Panasonic to Italy’s DAB commercial water pumps, the expansive Parts Plus warehouse enables ATL to act as a complete 360 degree entity offering sales, supplies and service, “Our mandate at ATL is to please our customers so not only do we sell great products at competitive prices but we offer factory-trained technicians who are readily equipped with tools and parts to service the item should the need arise. We are one of the few local retailers who not only source and sell equipment but directly service them as well.” quipped Sims.

As part of the Parts Plus launch activities, ATL challenged their team members to design the new tagline for the facility. Over 400 entries were received and the winner will be announced at the official ATL Parts Plus customer appreciation event scheduled to take place March 9.

Established in 2001, ATL Parts Plus has emerged as a leader in its field, amassing a stronghold of clientele throughout the hospitality, construction, automotive and industrial sectors. From pressure tanks to Hobart accessories, Goodyear belts to Bosch power tools, its unique ‘self-serve’ setup makes it a comprehensive tool and accessories supply outlet for service technicians, contractors, repairmen as well the emerging do-it-yourself types.